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Greetings from the Ends of the Earth,


In less than 48 hours, Liz and I leave for a month of ministry in west Asia.  We will be in India for one week, Nepal for two, followed by Sri Lanka for the final week.  We’re still working on our web site and the look of our e-newsletters will definitely improve, but wanted to get this in front of you and ask you to please pray.  Both India and Nepal have seen recent persecution of Christian Ministers and politically Nepal is even more unstable than usual with elections happening this week.  We are believing for Nepal to settle down by the time we get there, please add your faith to ours on this.  The safest place to be is in the perfect will of God and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are to be on this trip. I also know that missions go way better with good prayer support.  This is by far the most complicated mission trip we’ve ever attempted, due mostly to the many ministry stops.  Towards the end of the letter, I’ll give you a detailed look at our itinerary.


Yesterday we were home ministering at Today’s HarvestChurch and we had an awesome time in praise and worship.  Seems like I have to come home in order to collect my mail as the Lord was really talking to me about this trip, about how we are going to be at the right place at the right time with the right people doing the right thing and that much fruit would eventually come because of it.  Really encouraging, very uplifting and right on time! 


Last Sunday, the 10th, we had a tune up for ministering in Asia.  We had more than one hundred Nepali’s along with a few Vietnamese, Burmese and Chinese assemble together at Word Seekers International Church in High Point, NC.  I had a Nepali interpreter help me minister a message on salvation and healing which resulted in four Nepali and two Vietnamese receiving Jesus.  This service was the 2nd anniversary celebration of the Church.  We had special music, a cultural dance performed by Nepali children and a feast of Nepali, Vietnamese, Burmese and American food.  What a privilege to be able to share the Word and minister on their special day!


Now on to the itinerary; our first country stop is India where we will be on 3 domestic flights, in and out of 3 cities, and yes it’s a bit of a whirlwind. After 24 hours of flying and sitting in airports we land in Delhi and sleep.  On Nov 24th we fly to Hyderabad for meetings and then on the 25th it’s on to Nagpur to meet with AFCMITC grads for an AFCM regional style meeting with them.  I will also be preaching at one their Churches.


Then its back to Delhi on Nov 28th, and over to Kathmandu, Nepal on Friday. Nepali Churches meet on Saturday and Liz will be preaching in one of our contact Churches and I will be in another.  We have 3 Churches that want us, but we couldn’t figure out how to get to all three in one day.  Directly after service we fly to Pokhara and Sunday, Dec 1st we begin the trip out to a village area, where we lived and ministered almost 30 years ago. First it’s by bus than we switch to jeep and then to foot in order get to Harpe village in the Burtibang area. We have 3 days of meeting with Church leaders and old friends, than Thursday its back on the jeep and bus to Pokhara. Thursday evening we get on a night bus to Surkhet arriving 12 to 15 hours later.  Friday and Saturday we meet with Church leaders and minister in one of the largest Churches in Nepal.  Sunday the 8th it’s back to Pokhara by bus.  Monday is Liz's birthday (Dec 9) and we will be having some R & R at lake side, a really beautiful place. Rest up some more on Tuesday and than Wednesday its catch a flight or bus back to Kathmandu, meet up with more Church leaders, and Thursday its off to Colombo, Sri Lanka via Delhi, India.  And then on Wednesday, Dec 18th we begin the trip back home again via Delhi.


We are Praying for grace, favor and smooth connections.  It's a faith adventure and we're really excited to be getting back to that part of the world.  Much of what we will be doing is reconnecting and making new contacts with national ministers interested in AFCM and in our AFCMITC Bible School. 


Once we get back we’ll work on putting together a newsletter with pictures and even put some video on the web site and face book page.  Thank you for praying!


Going to the nations,


Dana & Liz Nile



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