Kenya With Disciples of Mercy 

I  recently returned from a quick trip to Kenya where I taught in a three day conference in one prison and spoke at an AFCMITC Bible School graduation in another. I was also honored to preach at a juvenile detention center, a high school, a primary school and the Disciples of Mercy Family Church.  We saw over fifty people receive Jesus as Lord and thirty or more receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit along with hundreds of believers strengthened in faith through the ministry of the Word.  To date three thousand Kenyan prison inmates have graduated the ITC Bible School and now that number will grow exponentially as many new prisons are being added to the program. During the prison ministry my interpreter was a graduate of  the first prison ITC class.  He had been sentenced to life without parole, but after serving twenty two years of his sentence, was released through a miracle of God. It is an amazing testimony of God's mercy and grace and now he is on staff at Disciples of Mercy helping with the AFCMITC prison ministry.

Jennie Roberts, her daughter Natalie and Natalie's husband Tobias head up Disciples of Mercy (DOM) and Jennie is the AFCM Africa Director.  They have been missionaries to Kenya for twenty seven years.  They minster to the spirit, soul and body of thousands on a weekly basis through Church plants, prison Bible Schools, primary and secondary schools, special needs schools, vocational training and health clinics.  I've seen a number of mission projects attempt this holistic style of ministry, but I've never seen a ministry do it as well as DOM.  Often the physical ministry takes over because its so resource demanding which than causes the spiritual ministry to suffer. The leadership at DOM is making sure that the spiritual ministry always has priority and as a result the ministry to the body and soul is flourishing as well. What a privilege for me to have had a small part in this awesome ministry unto the Lord in Kenya!

Front row left are Revs. Tobias and Natalie and far right is Rev Jennie Roberts.  And 90 of the 107 precious, faithful and dedicated men and women who enable DOM to shine among those who sit in darkness and to be "a nation within a nation."

On The Road Again, We Just Can't Wait To Get On The Road Again

In just a few days Liz and I begin another month long road trip.  This time we will be traveling to Nevada, California and Oregon, ministering in Churches and speaking at an AFCM Regional Meeting.  The Pastors of many of these Churches have been friends of ours for years, even decades for a few and so what a joy for us to connect once again with these awesome servants of God. It's such a privilege and honor for us to stand in a Pastor's pulpit and minister to his flock.  We pastored for twenty years, so this is something we do not take lightly, knowing that Pastors are responsible for what's feed to their flock.

News from the Dynamic Duo of the Philippines 
Raul Cuaresma, AFCM Philippines National Director, and Pastor Fernando Lausa have been criss-crossing the Philippine islands casting the vision of AFCM and promoting the ITC video Bible School. We are planning to hold AFCM Family Reunions in all three major areas of the Philippines in the fall of 2015 and interest is high.  Raul and Fernando also went to several cities in Vietnam with Pastor Nam Tram ministering in Churches and talking about AFCM and our video Bible School.  Pastor Nam has been running our Bible School this past year and sees it as a good way to train existing Church leaders as well as new leaders the growing Vietnamese Church will soon need.

Pastor Nam Tram, Pastor Fernando Lausa and Rev. Raul Cuaresma traveling inside Vietnam.  

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