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 April 2014

Ends logoDear Family, Friends and Partners,
This is coming to you from our newly set up office and ministry base overlooking beautiful Butte and several mountain ranges. The views are awesome, life in the mountains is good, but more importantly we are settling into our new home and getting organized so that we can concentrate on empowering people of other nations to reach their own with the Word and Spirit of God.
It has taken us longer than we expected to remodel and get moved in, but experts tell us we've broken some kind of record. We have sanded and finished close to 1500 sq ft of hard wood floors, oak on the main floor and maple upstairs (gorgeous one hundred year old wood), textured and painted every wall and ceiling, added a half bath on the main floor, knocked down a wall opening the kitchen into the dinning/ living room.area.  We still have trim and stairs to paint, curtains and pictures to hang and lots of boxes to unpack, oh and the basement needs work and then there's the garage and now that the snow has melted the yard is screaming for attention, lots of attention.  But the house has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time thanks largely to the energy and expertise of Pastors Mark and Sue Stearns, their family, and members of our new home Church. Just this past Saturday, I had two strong nephews help me carry the last piece of furniture from the garage which is attached to the basement (our house is on a serious slope) to the upstairs office. This is the heaviest piece of furniture we have and I seriously wondered if it was even possible to get it up the stairs, but it's from that piece of furniture that I now sit and write this to you, my office is complete, and my world is in order once again.  
Tuesday, April 29th, I fly to Sri Lanka to assist Pastor Benedict in setting up AFCM Lanka, a ministerial association needed by the national ministers for encouragement, fellowship, continuing education and ordination.  Through this network, AFCM will be able to launch many video Bible Schools and train Ministers and Church Members to harvest and disciple the diverse people of Sri Lanka.  AFCM Lanka already has a vision for reaching beyond it's national borders into the nations of Cypress, Lebanon, Pakistan and South India.  One of our first steps is to register AFCM with the Sri Lankan government, please agree with us in prayer for favor and for every detail to be worked out effectively.  We will also be appointing Pastor Benedict as AFCM National Director for Sri Lanka and I'm taking guidelines and policy to put in place to help us all stay on the same page while working together serving Jesus and one another.  Please pray for us to have supernatural ability while communicating cross culturally about these unifying guidelines and  policy. I will also be ministering in a couple of Churches as well as leading what will be the first official AFCM Lanka Ministers meeting, please agree with me for a strong anointing and the right message from the Word for each situation.
After shopping extensively I found the best airfare in this nation flying out of Missoula, MT (go figure?) to Seattle and then non-stop for fourteen hours to Dubai on Emirates airline.  Then its a quick four and a half hour Emirates flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka.  I've never flown into the middle east or on a middle eastern airline before, so again I would value your prayers for traveling mercy, grace and favor.  Liz will be greatly missed on this trip but it seemed best for her to continue setting the house in order and she also has plans to go and visit her Mother in Billings.   
Thank you for praying over this trip.  Would you also please pray for the future of this ministry and your part in it?  If you are led to support us financially we do have a new mailing address and have officially reincorporated Ends of the Earth in Montana as a 501-C-3 non-profit ministry  which continues to make any contribution to this ministry tax deductible.  Our new mailing address is: 1402 W. Porphyry ST., Butte, MT 59701.   For those of you wondering, porphyry is a type of rock or metal.  We laughed when we saw that our new missions office is at the corner of Porphyry and Ophir, if that's not the end of the earth, I'm sure we can see it from here!  Our Web site needs updated, but the online giving is functioning well at endsoftheearthinc.com.  While I'm at it we just obtained new Montana phone numbers.  We're going strictly with cell phones now and Liz's number is (406) 560-1488.  Mine (Dana) is (406) 560-0386. Don't forget to look at the photos.
More Faith Adventures in Jesus,
Dana & Liz Nile
  Front of house       Entry  Mr. handsome  in the kitchen        Ends of the Earth Ministries official office Butte from office window, the other mountains weren't out today... have to come see for yourself!
 Our guest room, ready for visitors!    


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