The people of the Philippines are such a joy to be with. Their vibrant praise and worship and their hunger for the Word of God makes it easy to preach, teach and minister.  We did four AFCM Philippine Family Reunions, one on the North Island called Luzon, one on the South Island of Mindanao and two on the Visayas Islands in the nation’s mid section.   We began in the north at Baguio City, where we held last year’s event with close to double the number of people from the year before and eight to ten Churches represented.  We had praise and worship before each main session with different Churches taking turns leading.  So many talented and anointed musicians and worship leaders and most teams were made up of youth and young adults. The Filipino Church has every age group in it, but clearly the majority is young.   We were ministering primary to Pastors and leaders with a sprinkling of Church members and so these meetings were not evangelistic in nature. We were there to encourage, inspire and equip the Filipinos to reach and disciple their own nation and the unreached people groups and tribes close to them.
From Baguio we drove down to Manila and caught a flight to General Santos City on the Southern tip of Mindanao for Family Reunion number two.  This conference was held among the B’laan tribe with newly started Churches and we used interpreters to go from English to Cebuano.  People from the surrounding community were encouraged to come and a few received Jesus and many received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  From here we traveled by bus, plane and boat to the central Visayas islands and held Family Reunion numbers three and four in Bacolod City and Roxas City.  We ministered healing to many, and had several Baptist Pastors receive the Holy Spirit and speak with tongues.  
For security reasons please do not share by email or post the following on social media:  Vietnam is a communist nation and has laws prohibiting Christian assembly other then in the official registered Churches. So our time in Vietnam was intense in many ways.  Liz and I flew from Manila into Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and the following day began to teach in an underground Bible School.  Just the day before, our contact Pastor was called into the police station and questioned about his activities.  He told us not to be too concerned as this kind of thing happens on a regular basis, however we must be careful and take measures to stay safe.  So, he arranged for Liz and me to be picked up from our hotel by private car and dropped right outside the building secretly housing the Bible School, with instructions to walk quickly with heads down into the building without talking.  The next day he had already made plans to move the school into a larger building in another section of the city as he had quietly advertised us as Bible teachers among several house Churches.  His current Bible School class will graduate in June with twenty students who have been meeting together one week a month for the last two years.  He saw us coming as a way to promote the AFCMITC among many new potential students.  We arrived at the new place following the same safety protocols and were surprised to find around eighty hungry students. We were well received, had good interpreters and taught six hours a day for the next three days. 
On Saturday we meet up with Pastors Randy and Donna Barstad at Dr. Lam’s school for the blind where a memorial service was held for missionary Charles Johnson.  We just about did not attend because of all the government officials that would be there.  Charles had favor with many officials because of his work with the lepers, blind, deaf and downcast of Vietnamese society and because he only worked with the legally registered Churches. We talked it over with our underground contact and he said so long as Liz and I were not speaking, he thought it would be minimal risk.  Americans preaching in underground settings run the risk of discovery and getting on a government persona non-grates list and never getting another visa to return.  We went, there were no problems and we got to witness a very touching memorial to Charles and his love for the lepers, blind, deaf and downcast of his adopted country, the nation he served the Lord in until his death there nearly three years ago. 
On Sunday, we preached in three different house Church settings starting at eight in the morning and finishing between nine and ten that night.  Like I said, Vietnam was intense in many ways and we have an open invitation to return and teach in the Bible School and also help launch several more in other regions of the nation and possible in Laos and Cambodia as well.
Thailand was way more laid back which was exactly what we needed after the full out itineraries of the Philippines and Vietnam.  However, we did miss our flight from Bangkok to Chiang Rai due too Thai airlines moving their departure time up a full three hours!  We were coming in from Saigon and should have had four hours to catch our flight, but Chiang Rai has a night time lantern balloon flying festival every year which makes it dangerous for planes flying overhead, so the airport is forced to shut down at five pm, our flight was due to land at eight.  During this festival the Buddhist send their sins flying with the balloons for three nights.  They also send their sins floating down the river on little boats during the day, I guess in case the balloon thing doesn’t work…? 
It’s in this Buddhist stronghold where we met up with the Mahawon Missionary Family.  David, Paula, Shan and Lindsey are actively breaking down walls, setting people free and making disciples among the Shan and Thai people. Buddha is dead and buried, but Jesus is alive and well and doing the same things He did when He walked the earth, for He is the same yesterday, today and forever!  We had a great time with the Mahawons talking mission strategy, how to promote AFCM in Thailand and Burma and just talking a becoming more acquainted with one another. We ministered three times in their Church and left with a far better understanding of what they have accomplished among the Shan tribe and among the Thai people as well.
By the time you get this newsletter, I will be on my way to the Amazon jungle of Peru for yet another AFCM Family Reunion.  Liz is staying home on this one and will be adding pictures and getting this letter into a mail chimp format.  I’ve got Pastors Mark Stearns and Scott Kiekover from Montana flying down with me to meet up with AFCM Peru National Director Ron Thiesen.  Once we fly from Lima to Iquitos we’ll go together by boat up the Napo River (major tributary of the Amazon) to the village of Santa Clotilde where the Reunion will be held.  So, that’s about three days travel in and out of the Reunion venue, give or take, some days shorter and first day really long.  Once there we have four days of conference with three sessions in the morning one or two in the afternoon and one each evening.  This is a full service conference with teaching, preaching and ministry along with a water baptism for those needing it and a wedding ceremony on the last evening, again for those attendees needing this.  The jungle Churches like to do these things together like a family which really fits in with what AFCM is all about. Please pray for traveling grace and mercies, stamina and anointed utterance for Ron, Mark, Scott and me.  Also please pray for these village Pastors, Church leaders and members to have ears to hear, for revelation knowledge to flood their hearts and minds and for supernatural equipping to reach and disciple their own people of the Amazon basin.


All of these trips were totally funded before we left, can you stop and praise the Lord with us?  We are very thankful for the Lord's provision!  But we did have bills that come in while we were in Asia; five weeks is a long time.  When we are ministering overseas and not in Churches here in the States, our ministry income has generally been smaller. We then rely on our monthly partners to get the bills paid, THANK YOU MONTHLY PARTNERS!  You make it possible for us to have income even when we’re not here in America. But we need more monthly partners, so if you are not a monthly partner, would you please prayerfully consider becoming one.
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